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Friday, February 05, 2010
i like to sit and daydream. (:

time of my life!


coz i'm living the time of my life! haha.

10:15 PM

Sunday, November 22, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

i satt along the window edge, and miss you.

i have not forgotten you.
lingering still.
i thot it was over. i tot it was gone.
haha. then reality sets in.
i tried to shift.
when face to face. i smiled. memories.
then, i knew it was still you.

as for you, i'm sorry.
my bad. i led you on.
before i could see. i think. then i shut u up.

thanks for replying. thanks for answering.
all the days went by.
busy busy with life. with work.
glad that things are on par now. sort of.
maybe. the dateline.

xmas stay.
till then..i still look upon that star. and wish. and hope. and pray. for the day.


10:03 PM

Friday, October 09, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

accomplished? dumb? or juz wait?

getting f-king tired.
both work and thoughts.
gettting crap ppl at work. facing all the stress and ADD ONs.
i'm glad there's onli a couple more mths to go.
hopefully i dun haf to be there again.

failed attempt.
disappointment. lousy. loser. lazy. dumb. simple.
why did i even start?
go on, try on. determined to.

none of those friends are there. not supportive at all.
wat does supportive really mean? agree to u? or juz want u to dump the idea?
for me, i dunno.
i noe i need support.
loads of thanks to father. and kav. and wan. hearing all those.
maybe kav's right, do it. dun regret it. betta to say wat u wan to say, then regret later.
maybe father's right, wait and see. hope for the better.
maybe wan's right, keep occupied. movies, food and nonsense.
all right. all i want to. but i cant.
wat to do?
take it all in? like kav said, give myself a dateline. or deadline?
afraid. scared. nervous. puke.

till dec.
one and two.
ok. let's plan and see.
bought stuff. shall wait and see.
then say wat i want to say.
then be done with movies, food and nonsense if dead.
wat say u?
will u?

tat came back. started on 9th may 2009. wat a significant time. 090509. too late. too bad.
cld be 3rd.

hate when u missed.
thots of u and.
b's not.
when they knock u down, juz get back up.
sometime love comes ard.

fight back.

10:36 PM

Saturday, September 12, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

lingering thoughts

a strong urge to speak.
hoping that my worry will not be a worry.
do not want to jeopodize the relationship now.
do wan a open relationship.
but who will support me?
who will tell me tat i'm right?
who's good? who's bad? i cant see yet.
i juz noe my instincts.
i have you.
thank you.

back-dated work not done.
present work too.
damn, there aint much time.
wat about u?
i need to clear some stuff at work,
to make some time to lurk.
to lurk ard my thoughts,
and think how i to make it clear.

hope to do it right this time ard.
hope 1 time pass!

baby, i missed.

8:08 PM

Sunday, September 06, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

the moments stood still

busy busy busy.
no time for anything.
but there's always time to tink of u.
hate it, but cant control it.

but catchin up wat great.
today was gd. but am moody.
when spoke bout it yday to frens still choked.
i feel like the time is nearing.
maybe it'll be time soon.
brave up, darling.
do wat u need to, before u regret it.

cool down, think and breathe.
we'll see.
i'm ok.
work seems to surpass time.
tried. sleepy.
but cute tat u still the same u. like to laze.
wanna pinch u. cute.
adorable. gosh. i miss u. damn.

take care. thank you.

9:13 PM

Saturday, August 15, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

call for celebration

pri sch fren got married.
sec sch fren got married.
poly fren got engaged.

wow. wow. and wow.

for the month of aug i've started to get sick. as mentioned in the book. ok i'm not mi xing k! juz read it before tat's all. not-so-good things that i have read mostly came true. for 2008 and den now for 2009. sigh. given up. sometimes juz wanna end it all. end life and forget about it all. flooded. and still flooding. why cant some gd things tat i've read come true. maybe some did. juz tat we always point out the bad stuff. but hoping so some more "obvious" good stuff. something that i wish.

fren reminded me of my wish at 26. reaching 23 but not there yet. 23/24 suppose to be the time. but it turns out wrong. bad. now the life seem further. drifting further and further away. at this age and this time. i'm really tinking wat i really wan. who i really wan. when i really wan.

finding things to look forward to every wk. following will be 22nd. really nth else to look to. not even 18th. jus wan a simple gathering. a time to relax. a happy moment. and for my wishes to come true. 3 wishes aint it?

earning my own. life, money and people. it's the pursuit of happyness. the movie u love most. mi:3 the time it started. shows tat cant get to watch. i watched my own movie. i cant be there where u are. there's something missing in my heart.

the cinderella moments. the princess dream. now and then. i wish.

let's enjoy our yr now! the moment we live for our own. for ourselves! love ya!

5:14 PM

Monday, August 03, 2009
i like to sit and daydream. (:

confusion. fear. shld i believe in myself?

First I was afraid I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
But I grew strong
I learned how to carry on

No more words, no more lies
No more crying
No more pain, no more hurt
No more trying

is this really how it is? will you grant my bday wish?
no bravery. no courage. we'll see bout tat.
thanks for the smile baby.

1:50 PM


18th august 1986

where am i now: pursuing my future!
my all time wish:
to be as happy as i can be

this girl here loves to have people around. she loves chocs, strawberries, daisies, massages, movies, and of coz to indulge in good food and retail therapy!

always cherish those u have. your family, your love and your friends.

boWlinG dIgest
kiDs sIaO.joEy

your say

spilt milk

Never Say Never - The Fray
Dr.Evil. i still like u.
image : larafairie